The Cleveland Clinic says not exercising is worse for your health than smoking, diabetes, and heart disease .

This is how ActiveSoul can help:


When you motivate your workforce, your employees perform!

For every ten people we get moving, you get the equivalent of one extra employee. And with ActiveSoul, you only pay for who participates .


When you care about your employees, they stand by you.

Corporate wellness programs say, "Our company values work-life balance." Employees who use the program report greater satisfaction with workplace culture , and are 59% less likely to look for work elsewhere.


When your employees are healthy, they show up.

Exercise is linked to physical and mental health benefits. For every $1 you invest in employee health, you save $6 in healthcare and absenteeism cost .

A platform for Corporate Wellbeing - simple, clean,

insightful data delivered via customizable

dashboard or integrated with existing solution.

Personalized fitness options for each employee leads to:

Higher participation, longer engagement, better results

Fully automated, so no administration for HR

• Little time dedicated to paperwork
• More time for training and leadership
• New benefit assists with retaining and recruiting the best talent

More about corporate wellbeing

Our User Experience - The Mobile App

Appeals to your entire employee population from beginners to elite athletes.

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