ActiveSoul Team

Founder – Chelley Schaper

Chelley is a busy mother of two and successful businesswoman, most recently the SVP of an international insurance firm. Whether traveling or at home with her family, a healthy and active lifestyle has been a top priority. Recognizing the challenges of working out while traveling, she envisioned an app that let her find and register for a class to meet her fitness needs. This was the impetus for starting ActiveSoul!

Using her business acumen, industry knowledge, and insightful vision, she’s been the driving force in creating an innovative mobile-based fitness solution. By combining her insurance experience with passion for fitness, ActiveSoul has become a unique and invaluable solution that integrates fitness services with wellness companies.

Chelley is also passionate about children around the world and giving back, both monetarily and with her time. She dedicates her spare time to charities that support children’s health, wellness and education around the world. 10% of ActiveSoul profits are dedicated to the causes about which she cares deeply.

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ActiveSoul Founder Chelley Schaper

Chief Technology Officer – John Hutchinson

With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, John has over 30 years in the technology industry working for startup and fortune 100 companies such as Mountain Bell, Shell Oil, Experimental and Applied Sciences/Body for Life™ (acquired by Abbott Laboratories in 2004), and PaperWise (acquired by Bell&Howell). John also has 20 years in the nutritional supplement industry, and has been running marathons and other organized events since 1998. To date he has completed 10 marathons, 4 of which have been the Boston Marathon.

John was the VP of Information Technology and Web for XELR8/Bazi, a public company previously listed on the AMEX and acquired by TrueDrinks in 2012. John was also the VP of Technology for ClubCom, a Pittsburgh, PA based startup that was acquired by Precor Fitness in 2004.

In 2009, John founded Running Guru with the goal to enhance the runner’s experience both for leisure runs and organized events. Running Guru provides online event management and fundraising services as well as geo-location based workout tracking and live event participant tracking. In memory of his father, John co-founded the Robert M. Hutchinson Memorial Fund that provides scholarship money to Colorado School of Mines students.

John’s dedication to fitness and overall health and passion for a healthy lifestyle compelled him to join the ActiveSoul Team.

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ActiveSoul CTO John Hutchinson

Director of Customer Success – Kenzie Slater

Kenzie’s choice to join ActiveSoul was based on the unprecedented solution it offers to busy, working individuals committed to prioritizing their health and fitness. As a young, active professional she sees first-hand the demand for a fitness-centric benefit, especially in the competitive hiring environment we all operate in. Her most recent experience in client services for the world’s largest multifamily management company, coupled with her prior role in the insurance industry, has given her a unique skill set to partner with customers for a tailored solution that will maximize value.

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ActiveSoul CTO John Hutchinson

Board Members

Bob Grant

ActiveSoul Bob Grant

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